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Re: Pam and radius

HI Cristian, nice to see you again!

> > in a PAM way to do authentication and accounting. I think 
> > if I had read right on Cristian homepage that radius-pam 
> > can do that in the same machine, is that ok?
> Yes, this is true.

so I can install pam-radius on my main server and use one of three:

- pppd hacked with radius support (currently working)
- portslave that has shell, rlogin, slip and ppp support (great!)
- pam configured to read remote radius server (a *vvvvnice* hope!)

> > what have I to upgrade (in what order) to make it work?
> > need some pam.conf configuration? only rpm'ing the stuff?
> I haven't had the time to finish the pam_radius module. I am trying in
> this weekend to recover all my delayed PAM related projects. I hope
> pam_ardius will be one of the happy endings...

I *think* that I may install radius-pam and the new libpwdb, only.
my fear is do that upgrade and break the rest of the system (uh?)
I grabbed pppd source from redhat and saw that there is'nt a single
PAM use on it (why?)

I reached ppp-2.2.0g-7 from somewhere that has -DUSE_PAM support,
seems to me that redhat isn't telling us the hole story on PAM ;>

> > in other way I plan to buy portmasters to remote POPs but now
> > I'm planing the users migration to autoppp and radius and I
> > wish to do it in the right way (planning for future!)
> IMHO a dedicated NAS at remote POPs will save you a lot of time.
> While somehow limited in possibilities, dedicated terminal servers save
> you maintenance time, driving in the middle of the night to reset the damn
> box, etc. 

currently we have support staff in the remote office (he lives
on the first floor on the installed POP)

the main goal against the NAS here is the price: with two cyclades 16Ye,
32 ports each, a P100 32MB RAM server and linux I got a 64 port
TS for about US$ 3k while a single 30 port portmaster is about US$3k
(more than half the price per port)

I could have a spare linux box with the same hardware (except
the external cyclades expansions) for about US$1,5k. The support
staff is already trained on switching modems cables and the like.
and Big Brother pager the 24 hour main staff when are problems
on any part of the system

> I sleep better knowing that at 100km away from here isn't a HDD
> waiting to crash, a CPU cooler waiting to stop functioning, a buffer
> overrun bug waiting to be exploited, etc.

if livingston does a ISP price redution here on Brazil as ones I've
seen on the USA, my decision would be them, sincerely ;) but with
US$ 12k for 256K 'net access here ...

> However, when you have the NAS under close observation things are 
> a little different...


> Best wishes,
> 		Cristian Gafton
> --
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Cristian Gafton                                    gafton@sorosis.ro
> Computers & Communications Center              Network Administrator
> http://www.sorosis.ro/~gafton                          Iasi, Romania
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are.

Cheers, !3runo

  Bruno Lopes F. Cabral                   bruno@openline.com.br
  http://www.openline.com.br            Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

In most countries selling harmful things like drugs is punishable.
Then howcome people can sell Micro$oft software and go unpunished?

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