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Linux-PAM-0.58preF (0.58-6)


Just a note to announce that 0.58preF is available in tar.gz and rpm format.
The changes are mostly associated with attempting to get XSSO (X/Open)
compliance (un-finished), and I've added two new conversation types for
experimentation purposes.

There is a small source incompatibility between this and previous releases. 
I'm pretty sure that I have retained binary compatibility but please report
any problems.



Lines from CHANGELOG:

* added prototypes for mapping functions


  various constants have had there names changed.  Numerical values have
  been retained but be aware some source old modules/applications will
  need to be fixed before recompilation.


* verified X/Open compatibility of header files - note, where we differ
  it is at the level of compilation warnings and the use of 'const char *'
  instead of 'char *'.  Previously, Sun(X/open) have revised their spec
  to be more 'const'-ervative in the light of comments from Linux-PAM


	changed: pam_pwdb(pam_unix_acct) (also bug fix for
	_shadow_acct_mgmt_exp() return value), pam_stress,
	libpam/pam_dispatch, blank, xsh.

* New: PAM_AUTHTOK_EXPIRED - password has expired.

* Ooops! PAM_CRED_ESTABLISH (etc.) should have been PAM_ESTABLISH_CRED
  etc... (changed - this may break some people's modules - PLEASE TAKE
	changed: pam_group, pam_mail, blank, xsh; module and appl
	docs, pam_setcred manual page.

* renamed internal _pam_handle structure to be pam_handle as per XSSO.

* added PAM_RADIO_TYPE  (for multiple choice input method).  Also
  added PAM_MACHINE_{TEXT,PROMPT} (for interaction out of sight of user
  - this could be used for RSA type authentication but is currently
  just there for experimental purposes - it may be removed later).

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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