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Re: /etc/usertty pam module?

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Gregory Riggs wrote:

> I'd like to be able to restrict some user's to only being allowed to login
> from a given list of remote hosts.  I looked at the man page for login,
> and the usertty file seems to be what I need, but redhat's PAM version of
> login nolonger appears to support the /etc/usertty config file.  The
> hosts.allow and hosts.deny files don't quite do what I need because I
> still want some of the users to be able to login from any remote host.  I
> looked at the pam_time module, and although it allows restrictions by tty,
> it does not appear to support restrictions by remote host. 
> Does anyone know if a usertty module is being developed, or is there any
> other modules which could restrict logins by remote host?
I wrote pam_access module that does exactly what you want. It was included
in the latest beta versions of PAM (0.58preE, 0.58preF).


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