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Re: Single incompatability

I've never dealt with the PAM API, but just from your description, it
sounds like the Linux-PAM API returns less information to the caller in
some cases than the X/Open implementation does.  Further, my understanding
is that the Linux-PAM implementation returns a subset of the information
returned by he X/Open implementation.

Presumably, there is value in having both sets of information returned.
Some programs may want all of the information, while others would settle
for the subset.

Create two new functions: one that returns everything, one that returns
only the subset.  Make the original function name a macro that points
to one of new functions, depending on a define.  Have the default be
the X/Open version of the function.

If you name the Linux-PAM version of the function reasonably and can
come up with a good justification for having it around (and there must
be one, else you wouldn't have done it that way to begin with), perhaps
both versions of the function can survive.

    Steve Coile           P a t r i o t  N e t      Systems Engineering
 scoile@patriot.net      Patriot Computer Group        (703) 277-7737

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