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Re: Single incompatability

Steve \"Stevers!\" Coile wrote:
> Presumably, there is value in having both sets of information returned.
> Some programs may want all of the information, while others would settle
> for the subset.

Actually, there is no known value to returning more responses.  Basically,
the extra returns are empty of information.

> If you name the Linux-PAM version of the function reasonably and can
> come up with a good justification for having it around (and there must
> be one, else you wouldn't have done it that way to begin with), perhaps
> both versions of the function can survive.

The only advantage is that the conversation function is a little easier to
program.  The disadvantage is that every module has to free the responses
even when they contain no information.

The basic problem is that Linux is doing something incompatible with XSSO. 
Neither of us is 'right': there is no written specification for this
behavior.  However, there is clearly some sort of advantage to one of us
moving in the direction of the other - even if it is painful.


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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