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Re: PPPD pammified?

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> Tom Diehl writes:
> >Is this the right answer (tm)? I thought that there was a pammified
> >version of pppd, although I do not know where. I am looking for it myself.
> >I will have to do a search for it later.
> It is the correct answer.  It's not the Right Answer[tm].  :-)  The
> lack of a pamified pppd in RHL 4.2 is my fault.
> However, the pamified pppd that I saw was pamified in a way that
> WILL NOT WORK with the version of PAM shipped with 4.2, because
> it violates the spec by setting PAM_AUTHTOK from the application
> side of the framework.

Ok, I want to recompile ppp to have shadow support. This requires
that the shadow package be installed. If I install that will it
mess with pam (or for that matter anything else)?


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