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Re: PPPD pammified?

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Tom Diehl wrote:

> Ok, I want to recompile ppp to have shadow support. This requires
> that the shadow package be installed. If I install that will it
> mess with pam (or for that matter anything else)?

No, it does not. shadow support is in the libc shipped with RH. If you
want MD5 passwords, this is another story.

There used to be a libcrypt package in contrib at RH, package done by me
and uploaded by somebody else without my permission, but the fact is
consumed. Or go to ftp://sysadm.sorosis.ro/pub/devel/shadow and grab
libcrypt RPM from there. Then change the pppd source to use pw_encrypt()
instead of crypt() when verifying the user password and link it with
libcrypt.a (only static lib provided... you don't need a .so for only one

Best wishes,

		Cristian Gafton
Cristian Gafton                                    gafton@sorosis.ro
Computers & Communications Center              Network Administrator
http://sysadm.sorosis.ro/devel                         Iasi, Romania
UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are.

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