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Re: "userdel" program

> Hi,
> This isn't strictly related to PAM, but I was wondering if there is a
> canonical user deletion program for Red Hat?  I understand there are
> file locking considerations to watch out for when editing /etc/passwd
> and /etc/shadow, assuming that users are based on these; what
> are the guidelines?
> I'm looking for something that does NOT have to run under X,
> for the ISP environment.
> Cheers and thanks in advance,

Well.... Any locking of the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow should only need to
be done while adding or deleting user.  We have custom written our adduser
and delete user programs.  We have in the past just put a passwd.lock file
and checked for it or called the standard flock function.  If you wish I can
send you a copy of the source code for our delete user.  It removes their
entry from /etc/passwd and then cleans up their home directory + mailbox
into a nice .tgz file.  We have not put file locking in this one because
only 1 or 2 people on our system have access to add and delete accounts, so
it has never been much of an issue anyways.

			     Adam Kerasotes
		    Network Administrator Quincy University

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