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pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help


I've been planning to PAMify a radius daemon, that is to make it use
PAM to decide wether the requests it accepts should be appruved
instead of accessing /etc/passwd directly.

My ultimate goal with this is to write a PAM module which will access
a relational database (probably MySQL) in order to fetch both the
encypted passwords and permissions based on time-of-day and number of
concurrent logins.

Now that I reached the PAM modules writers guide (read through the
other guides and some sample code) I get the impression that this
might not have been the intention of the authors of PAM, am I right?

What I was generally planning was that the RADIUS daemon will accept
the user name and password over the RADIUS protocol and pass it to
PAM, avoiding any interactive work by supplying a conversation
function which doesn't do anything (or should it return the user name
and password again?)

Is my plan right for this?

For reference, the daemon I want to PAMify is the cistron daemon
(http://homepage.cistron.nl/~miquels/radius/) version 1.5.3.pre4-3 and
the system I use is Debian 1.3.1 with libpam 0.56 (debian revision 2).

Could someone please give me a hand with this?

Thanks a lot,


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