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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Amos Shapira wrote:

> I've been planning to PAMify a radius daemon, that is to make it use
> PAM to decide wether the requests it accepts should be appruved
> instead of accessing /etc/passwd directly.

My other followup on this topic:

As desparate as this sounds, after several of us have spent endless hours
pouring over the merit source for their radiusd, we've concluded that
there's no way we'll be pamming the merit radiusd any time soon. However,
it's our understanding that we can't use the livingston radiusd or any of
its derivitives without owning a radius product, which as bad luck would
have it, we do not.

Since we need a pam'd radiusd (we want it to drive a USR total control
system) we're at the point where buying a cheap livingston product (not to
replace the total control, but to run some "admin dialin" that we don't
especially want but will use) to appease the licensing is sounding like an
attractive (and indeed the only) option. So, a final check with the pam
community before we do that: is there some alternative to the above, that
would get me a pam'd radiusd (even as a pay-for, since it'd probably be
cheaper than buying a portmaster)? Is anyone working on either a patchkit
for the merit source, or some other project (like a fresh start on a
radiusd not based on anything, for instance) that I should consider?

Jim Hebert

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