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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help


Jim Hebert wrote:
> Since we need a pam'd radiusd (we want it to drive a USR total control
> system) we're at the point where buying a cheap livingston product (not to
> replace the total control, but to run some "admin dialin" that we don't
> especially want but will use) to appease the licensing is sounding like an
> attractive (and indeed the only) option. So, a final check with the pam
> community before we do that: is there some alternative to the above, that
> would get me a pam'd radiusd (even as a pay-for, since it'd probably be
> cheaper than buying a portmaster)? 

There is no need.  I have patched good old Livingston 1.16 to "use"
PAM, based on the mods on 2.xx.  Since cistron radiusd is built on
the same code base, it'll be easy to add that there too.
Let me know and I'll make the patch available.

> Is anyone working on either a patchkit for the merit source, or some 
> other project 

Merit source is quite confusing :(

> (like a fresh start on a radiusd not based on anything, for instance) 
> that I should consider?

This was discussed on Cristian's list a few months back.  Looks like
no one has enough free time to come up with a fresh RADIUS rewrite.


miguel a.l. paraz  <map@iphil.net>                              +63-2-750-2288
iphil communications, makati city, philippines          <http://www.iphil.net> 

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