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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

> There is no need.  I have patched good old Livingston 1.16 to "use"
> PAM, based on the mods on 2.xx.  Since cistron radiusd is built on
> the same code base, it'll be easy to add that there too.
> Let me know and I'll make the patch available.


please make this patch avaliable, with the pam.conf examples.
we use radius-cistron here and would be very good to pam-enable it

> > (like a fresh start on a radiusd not based on anything, for instance) 
> > that I should consider?
> This was discussed on Cristian's list a few months back.  Looks like
> no one has enough free time to come up with a fresh RADIUS rewrite.

I talked this with Cristian and some other guys, too. it seems
it's better setup a list on contribution to cistron-radiusd
development. I think there are enough good ppl that uses radius
and can help (me included)

we just have to start

> Cheers,
> -- 
> miguel a.l. paraz  <map@iphil.net>                              +63-2-750-2288
> iphil communications, makati city, philippines          <http://www.iphil.net> 

Wishes, !3runo

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral                   bruno@openline.com.br
Anapropegua                           Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

        "The one who has the gold makes the rules."

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