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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

In message <199707161904.DAA07122@marikit.iphil.net> you write:
|There is no need.  I have patched good old Livingston 1.16 to "use"
|PAM, based on the mods on 2.xx.  Since cistron radiusd is built on
|the same code base, it'll be easy to add that there too.
|Let me know and I'll make the patch available.


Could you make these patches available?

Also, is that the one version reffered to by the other posters, or are
there a few PAMified RADIUS daemons hanging around?

|Merit source is quite confusing :(


|> (like a fresh start on a radiusd not based on anything, for instance) 
|> that I should consider?
|This was discussed on Cristian's list a few months back.  Looks like
|no one has enough free time to come up with a fresh RADIUS rewrite.

I keep thinking of writing it from scratch in C++ using ACE, which
will make it very highly portable and efficient (and GPL'd), but alas,
I don't have time either :-(.



PS - do you know if the cistron authors lurk here too?  I didn't know
they have a forum.

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