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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

> I keep thinking of writing it from scratch in C++ using ACE, which
> will make it very highly portable and efficient (and GPL'd), but alas,
> I don't have time either :-(.

it seems the world worst problem: TIME :)

> PS - do you know if the cistron authors lurk here too?  I didn't know
> they have a forum.

Cistron's author, Miques VS, is a debian guy. I don't think he
is on this lists, but he usually answer emails with questions/
suggestions/patches for cistron radiusd and portslave.

http://www.cistron.nl/~miquels/radius/ in case you already don't know ;>

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Wishes, !3runo

Bruno Lopes F. Cabral                   bruno@openline.com.br
Anapropegua                           Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

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