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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.970716234819.18805V-100000@main.sorosis.ro> you write
|On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Amos Shapira wrote:
|> Also, is that the one version reffered to by the other posters, or are
|> there a few PAMified RADIUS daemons hanging around?
|I have pamified the latest livingston release - 2.01. I will put a patch
|on my homepage and announce it here after I see it running for more than
|three days at my location without problems. Now it is up for seven hors
|and it works like a charm...

Could you make a patch against the Livingston 1.* or the Cistron
versions?  I don't have a Livingston product with me so I don't have
access to Livingston 2.* (and it sounds like a few others too).


|> I keep thinking of writing it from scratch in C++ using ACE, which
|> will make it very highly portable and efficient (and GPL'd), but alas,
|> I don't have time either :-(.
|I really don't see the point of using C++ for something like RADIUS - only
|to make it bigger and slower ?

Nope.  Maybe it's just my OO-enthusiasm, but it sounds like ACE would
really make writing it a breeze, e.g.:

1. portable dynamic-loading of modules and infrastructure to share the
   process/thread with other network services.

2. efficient algorithms allreay available (e.g. an STL map to maintain
   the list of current sessions, list of objects which represnt the
   various permission rules).

3. portable efficient system functions (threads, file-mapping of the
   utmp file (for instance), inter-process and inter-thread locks,

(4. The PAM concept really lands itself to such an infrastructure in
    order to manage the various configurations).

|Also on the free radius project side: from the experience, in the summer
|most of the projects are done :-) So I am confident that sometime in the
|near future I will actually start writting the code.

That's what I keep promising myself, but ever since the summer began
the pressure got yet higher....:-(

Good luck with your summer project....


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