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Re: pamifying a RADIUS daemon - help

> I really don't see the point of using C++ for something like RADIUS - only
> to make it bigger and slower ?

This is a misconception from the earlier days of C++, when the compiler
was actually the "Cfront" pre-processor, and it added a lot of extra C
code to do all sorts of checking.  Then it was true that the code was
always bogger and slower.

These days, true C++ compilers often are the same as C compilers in
simple code compilation.  If you do some of the more complicated things
in C++, you may have a small extra cost in size and run-time - I did say
small!  and I did say may! - which is a fair trade-off for the extra
safety and capabilities C++ gives you.

The reason for the change, if I gather correctly, is that a lot of the
checking can be done at compile time now, rather than at run time.

Also, C has adopted some things from C++.  ;-)

Joe Yao				jsdy@cais.com - Joseph S. D. Yao

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