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Re: pam and NIS Problem. Any idea ?

On Fri, Jul 25, 1997 at 02:13:36PM -0400, Michael K. Johnson wrote: 
> Try
> user:
> 	nis+unix
> 	unix
> group:
> 	nis+unix
> 	unix
> See if that works better.

Already tried it out. Didn´t work either.

one thing I noticed though, is that, if the user is not in /etc/passwd, It
will never get in. If he has an entry in /etc/passwd, and an Entry in the
NIS-passwd map, it gets in, but has to use the password used in the NIS

Here the scenario:

User    -  NIS-Map  - /etc/passwd - Password to use - gets in ?
------     -------    -----------   ---------------   -------
smurphy    No         Yes           from /etc/passwd  yes
linuxadm   Yes        Yes           from NIS map      yes
mnjo4000   Yes        No            Any               no

See the point ? quite strange.

I activated almost all debug information for the pam part and pwdb module
but it doesn´t tell me anything. only, FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM ... etc.
Somehow, the pam-stuff expects the password to be in the passwd file, and
then only checks if it´s somewhere in the NIS database.

I´m going to play a bit with the pam.d/* files tomorrow top find out if I
can find a turnaround...

Another question: as I´m using the libc-5.4.56, I was wondering if the
format for NIS has changed. in the README.nis stuff, they said it is not
compatible with older Version, but they refere to libc.4.X.X and I don´t
know exactly if it also applies to the Actual implementation. Maybe the
libc-writers should update their README Files once in a while.

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