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Re: pam and NIS Problem. Any idea ?

On Sun, Jul 27, 1997 at 10:31:30AM -0700, Andrew G. Morgan wrote: 
> Joerg Mertin wrote:
> > Jul 25 18:41:44 majoran PAM_pwdb[895]: (login) session opened for user
> > mnjo4000 by mnjo4000(uid=0) 
> > Jul 25 18:41:44 majoran syslog: Cannot make/remove an entry for the
> > specified session
> Most PAM modules prefix syslog errors with a "pam_*".  Can you determine
> where this latter error is coming from?

If you give me a hint on how to do this, I'll try it out. I'm no Coder at
all, so it's not that simple for me ;)

> It seems that pam_open_session is being called but pam_close_session is not
> being called when your login fails.
Hmmm. I posted some more verbose debug messages to this list. Might give
you more informations.

Martin was probably ripping them off.  That's some family, isn't it?
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