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Cristian Gafton <gafton@sorosis.ro> wrote on Tue, 29 Jul 1997:

> On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Andrea Dell'Amico wrote:
> > Thank you. I did try that but didn't work. I'm using this pwd.conf
> pwdb does not support shadow NIS maps yet. the "shadow" is meant for local
> /etc/shadow, not for NIS one. So don't try any longer, it won't work. I'll
> see what I can do about posting an update to libpwdb in by the end of this
> week.

The _very strange_ thing is that with plain Red Hat 4.2 (e.g. without 
patches) it worked: nis+shadow, and xlock was happy.

> I will need some beta testers, as the pwdb is changed dramatically: it is
> truly modular now, it have radius authentication working fine (for me, at
> least), and a hesiod module is also available.
> I have to finish patching the pam_pwdb module to use the new interface,
> _and_ to get the patch accepted by Andrew.
> On the NIS thing, I am looking for coders - I still don't have the right
> testing environment, and I can not build one on a single machine.
> So, if anyone is feeling to have to much free time, and have experience
> with NIS, speak now... Or you'll have to use code written only by my
> (limited ?) common sense on NIS problems.

I can be a tester (two linux boxes at home now), but I have no time to 
code for now. Tell me what I have to do.

> Best wishes,
> 		Cristian Gafton


PS: You can reproduce a true nis environment on a single machine. Let in 
/etc the original passwd - and shadow if it's the case - then modify your 
/var/nis/Makefile to search the sources for the nis maps in a place 
different from /etc. I have my sources in /var/nis/src.

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