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Re: I'm sure you get your share of I HATE PAM messages.

David Wood writes:
>My complaint is against RedHat for jumping the gun.  I'm sorry for being
>rude if I didn't make that clear in my message. 

redhat-devel is the place for talking about Red Hat development issues.
pam-list just happens to be hosted by Red Hat because we have an interest
in furthering its development.

>And Just To Drive The Point Home: if someone can volunteer some normal,
>sensible information about how to get this working (we just found out, fi,
>that in addition to the error messages, FTP is hosed on this machine), and
>I can understand, or at least fix, the silly problem, I will *personally*
>write section 5 of the manual myself.

I'm sorry; I didn't see that part; I probably quit reading after I got
tired of the rant.  I did start reading it with the idea of trying to
figure out what was wrong and then helping you out, but there wasn't
a lot of useful information to use in order to help you, and I got the
idea after the first page or so of rant that there was only rant left
in the message.  :-)

In order to be helpful, I've got to know more.  It *sounds* to me like
you have upgraded a system piecemeal; I have no idea what versions of
important packages you are using.  Please consider posting what version
of RHL you are using, what versions of pam and pwdb, what version of
libc if you have upgraded it separately, etc.  Then we might have a
chance of helping.  As it is, all I can say is "well, I can't seem
to reproduce that" which doesn't help you in the least.


"Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded by the
 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz

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