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Problem with FTP when using md5 and shadow

I have a problem with ftp with pam on RH 4.2, I have 
install the patch to pwdb that made shadow work.

I have md5 and shadow configured and have made shadow 
and md5 work. I am using a modified cracklib module that
allows long password to be accecpted, the changes have
been posted to this mailing list. Telnet and console
login work great (well people here complain about long
password but that is a different story).

ftp on the other hand will allow only anonymous login.
even if I set up a user with a short password (less than
8 chars) ftp can't log in. I have turned off all r-commands
on this system (it is our ftp server and I don't want
.rhost problems). Is this a known problem (I have only
been watching this list for a few weeks). 


Philip W. Dalrymple III <pwd@mdtsoft.com>
This article is a natural product.  The slight variations in spelling and
grammar enhance its individual character and beauty and in no way are to 
be considered flaws or defects.
+1 770 642 3001

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