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Re: I'm sure you get your share of I HATE PAM messages.

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Steve "Stevers!" Coile wrote:

> Hell, you could apply that arguement to much of RHL, and to every
> other Linux distribution, too.  They *all* have poorly documented
> components, they all have some out-of-date documentation, they all
> have features that don't work as intuition would dictate, they have
> incomplete components.  That's one of the aspects of Linux systems.
> You're using a system developed by volunteers (for the most part).
> You get what documentation and functionality they decide to give you.
> It can be as bad as the Real World.  =)

I see your point, but I'm making that comment with that in mind. I've used
Slackware & Redhat for years now, often in corporate venues, & I've seen
lots of problems, but nothing that has been even close to this one. 
RedHat's decision to use Pam was smart but too hasty. Just my humble
opinion, of course.

David Wood

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