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Re: Setting Up Shadow

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Dave Kinchlea wrote:

> Sorry, I don't know, I didn't use Cristian's suite but shadow_960810 (a
> debian distribution). I don't see how his "pm5conv" could create md5
> passwords from crypt passwords though, he wouldn't know what the passwords
> were to create the hash. It could only do so with new passwords. BTW: it
> is possible to mix md5 passwords with crypt passwords, the typical way to
> move to md5 is to turn on that support and let subsequent passwords
> changes automagically use md5 (or regular crypt depending on configuration
> of /etc/pam.conf).

	I went ahead and did a little hacking and found out that
Cristian's program follows the method that Dave mentioned above. I.E. that
it does NOT CREATE md5 passwords initially after running pwconv5, but on
subsequent password changes will create the MD5 password.
	I'm happy to say that for the most part, everything is working
fine. With some additional components from ftp.replay.com and some other
wacky little stuff I've got Zpop, SSH and SU working.

Thanks to all the people on this list that helped make this a painless
transition! :)

      President of New Age Consulting Service, Inc.  Cleveland Ohio
             SLIP/PPP/Unix Shell   28.8k / ISDN / Leased Line
           http://www.nacs.net   info@nacs.net   (216)-524-8414

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