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Re: 'Credentials'

Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:
> IMHO the description of the functions itself is quite good. A glossary to
> explain some words would be nice, though. For example, I could guess what
> credentials are, but I wasn't sure. It would also be good to extend the
> section that says what an application writer has to do. Currently, it only
> talks about the bare minimum but from last mails I get the impression that
> mention of pam_acct_mgmt and the credential setting functions would be
> good. It might also be helpful to explicitly tell users what pam does
> _not_ do to prevent confusion. 

Thanks for these suggestions! I'll try to add some text along these lines.
(Ripping large chunks from my forthcoming LJ article comes to mind!)


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
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