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I've been working on converting sudo and SSH to use PAM...

sudo was straightforward (replace check_password with some pam calls and boom)
but the message passing for SSH has me stuck... what's a good example of
passing messages back and forth in PAM?  

I've read the PAM application docs, but I was looking for a coding example
that needs to pass parameters back and forth... I thought perhaps 
the redhat mods to imap would be a good start, but I'm not following how they
are passing back and forth...

Determining what's the name and what's the password via echo on or off?

On the app side, it should know username and password already...
on the lib side, the app should be telling it what it does.

Anyone have a simple model that inputs username and password in the 
application, then passes both to PAM?

Anyway, if someone can point me at a program that handles getting username
and password itself, I'd appreciate it.

(BTW, anyone actually patched SSH and sudo already?)


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