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module available for testing..

I currently have two modules that can be used to allow for authentication
against an NT server.

The way I have been designing my pam modules is such that there is one
main module (that is listed in pam.conf) that calls shared objects as
needed for authentication.

my pam module currently understands differences in /etc/shadow to support
authentication either by kerberos5, NT Server, safeword server, or
regular old crypt.

I also currently have shared objects to complete the authentication for
all of the methods listed above. I plan on talking with the original
authors of the software (before my "changes") to see if it would be ok to
export their source. (so please don't ask, i will make announcements)

however, I will make available the source for my pam module as well as the
source for smb_crypt.so (what I call the NT server auth shared object).

The smb_crypt.so is based on SMBlib 0.50 (thanx Richard Sharpe of DEC
for making this software available :)

Furthermore, I should note, that since it is based on that code, it can
authenticate against several other SMB servers (including argh Win95)
why anyone would want to trust their security to a win95 box, i have no
idea, but it is possible :)

anyway.. if you're interested, let me know :)


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