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Re: Linux-PAM 0.57preD

I'm still keen to release my PAM S/Key module, but I'm not sure how to
package it, so it hasn't progressed any further over the last few
weeks.  I'm willing to learn how to use RPM, but I would very much
appreciate some advice on the general approach to take.

A copy of the source will be available for download from
http://student.uq.edu.au/~e4329203/pam_skey.tar.gz by about 00:00 UTC

Right now, I'd propose the following:

1. a skey-libs RPM containing the S/Key library files (libmd.a,
2. a skey-utils RPM containing the files to create S/Key pads
   (keyinit, keyinfo, etc)

3. a pam_skey RPM containing /lib/security/pam_skey.so

I guess I feel a bit uncertain about creating RPMs 1&2 which contain

 - code which I don't maintain

 - code which is already available in another package

just because I want to give people the option not to install
everything that is in the S/Key RPM.

Suggestions _please_.

  Martin Pool <m.pool@pharos.com.au> | Designer, Pharos Business Solutions

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