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Linux-PAM-0.57preD rpm package

Hi all.

I just made rpm package from Linux-PAM-0.57preD.
The package is available from:

Binary package is signed by saw@msu.ru.

The main differences from previous release made by Cristian Gafton
outside the main source tree are:

   - package now doesn't include /etc/pam.conf because this file is included
into pamconfig package in Red Hat distribution

   - package contains /etc/pam.conf-example -- simple config file written
by Andrew G. Morgan and included in the primary distribution
( http://parc.power.net/morgan/Linux-PAM/pre/Linux-PAM-0.57preD.tar.gz )

   - package is builded with fixed version of cracklib helping passwd
catching SIGSEGV more rare

   - package contains /usr/bin/pam_conv1 -- a program for converting
pam.conf configuration file to pam.d tree

   Feel free to use my spec file and patches if you want to build
your own rpm.

					Andrey V.

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