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Re: draft-ietf-secsh-userauth-01.txt (fwd)

Tatu Ylonen wrote:
> I'd appreciate if someone can tell me what it would take to add "pam"
> as an authentication method (or multiple methods if appropriate).
> Ideally, someone could write a section on the pam authentication
> methods to be included in the draft.

You might like to take a look at the source code from my forthcoming LJ


It is an update of the one contained in the PAM RFC:


[Note, (In his previous email) Elliot placed the setcred and session calls
in the reverse order from that specified in the RFC.. This was a mistake
that I think I'm probably responsible for, and one that I only realized
needed correcting when writing the article for LJ :*( ]

Hope this helps,

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
       [ For those that prefer FTP  ---  ftp://ftp.lalug.org/morgan ]

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