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Modifying PAM to edit files other than /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow

Hi everyone,
	I'm looking on some help in writing an admin tool for a Linux
system using PAM. I am running NYS on basically a Redhat 4.0/4.1 platform.
Since NYS map files are stored separately from the main system's
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files, I am trying to write basic tools such
as adduser and passwd to modify these files which may reside in
	In the past, it was more direct since the applications simply used
the shadowlib in the operating system, however, since PAM is taking care
of all the reading/writing stuff, I am unable to simply just take my old
source and recompile it with a new path.
	Can anyone tell me a way of doing this? I tried to look for a
yppasswdd daemon which will work with PAM, but I've had no luck. I
actually would prefer using that instead of writing my own (since I can
pass this on to allow the users to change passwords).
	Does anyone know if there's a yppasswdd daemon that supports PAM?
(Which I would assume would allow me to specify where/which passwd and
shadow files are to be modified..)

	Please e-mail your comments/suggestions to me! Thanks!


Anthony Kueh
System Administrator

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