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Re: possible problem with PAM on RH4.1? (fwd)

Chris Dent wrote:
> I'm sorry to dedge up an old subject, but was this problem (below) ever
> dealt with in the standard distributed RedHat rpms? I recall some
> conversation about telnetd having been a contributor as well?
> If the newer SimplePAMApps is the solution that's fine but I'm
> curious.

Red Hat have corrected the problem that was in their in.telnetd wrapper
(NetKitB).  More recent versions of SimplePAMApps feature unrelated
improvements (I don't think any of the applications that Red Hat support
are from SimplePAMApps).

The other problem was to do with extra-long ( >8 chars ) usernames and the
getlogin function provided in libc (and libpwdb)... Red Hat have added some
code to their passwd binary to help in this situation, and I posted a patch
for libpwdb that can be used with the latest SimplePAM+PWDBApps to cure this
problem too.

[AFAIK, If you have kept up with Red Hat's patches this problem has been


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
       [ For those that prefer FTP  ---  ftp://ftp.lalug.org/morgan ]

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