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Re: further modifications to mod_auth_pam.c

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Chris Dent wrote:
> I wish I had known about this before I did my grubbing around :)

I placed the URL into the new version so that it won't happen again ;°>

> No matter, I learned a lot in the process.

Yeah, mod_auth_pam was also my first Apache module and it was fun to get
it to work ;-) 

> I wonder if it might not be valuable to add some sort of
> #ifdef NAMEHACK sort of thing to your source to allow the use of
> something like AuthPamName in the htaccess file. As a default I can
> see why it shouldn't be allowed but it is a valuable function if you
> want to have one section of the server be authenticated with shadow,
> another with kerberos, another with radius, another with a listfile
> that also acts as a listfile for some other server, etc. etc. and you
> don't have users on the machine.

Ah, now I see what you want to reach with it. Hmm, why don't you place
multiple modules into your service configuration file, each with control
of 'optional'?


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