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Pam and radius

Hello all,

I'm new to the list, so forgive me for all the usual reasons. =)

It was unclear to me, when reading the docs and the list of availible
modules, whether it is possible at this time to authenticate people based
on a radius server query, using the pwdb modules...

Is the radius support working enough to do a
much the way I see the examples show "unix+shadow"

What are the limitations of the radius stuff right now? 

I'm looking into this because I got a big netware4.11 shop thrown at me,
which runs a radius module on the netware server. I'm trying to see if I
can take advantage of that to get an easy, single passwd setup for the
users. I'd appreciate other input on the craziness of that idea as well.

Jim Hebert

The press only knows three stories, Apple is dead, Microsoft is evil, and 
Java is the future.  And they only ask two questions -- Is Apple still 
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