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Re: Password Lengths


> /etc/shadow:
> root:XXXXXXXXXXXXX:9991:-1:-1:-1:-1:-1:0
> tim:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:9970:-1:-1:-1:-1:-1:-1073743160
> How can I get root's to be longer?  I changed root's password to something
> long, but only the first 8 characters matter...
	I'm working on this as part of a semi-related project.
    This depends on the encryption technique used for the long passwords.
    The one I need to implement is called (for want of a better name)
    bigcrypt(), and is a superset of the standard unix crypt. 
    For passwords of 8 characters or less, the result is exactly the
    same as crypt(). For passwords of more than 8 characters, the result
    is multiple 14 character crypt() blocks stacked together. 
        The alternative is to use MD5 passwords. 

	If this suits your needs, and you can hang on for a week or
atp@mssly1.mssl.ucl.ac.uk 		  	  Andy Phillips
atp@mssl.ucl.ac.uk 			Mullard Space Science Laboratory, 
phillips@isass1.solar.isas.ac.jp	 Dept. Space and Climate Physics,
mssly1::atp				    University College London.

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