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pam-0.58-3 (*alpha*)


Cristian has asked me to make the rpms as he is snowed under with other
things at the moment.

This is to announce that Linux-PAM-0.58preC.tar.gz is available Translated
to RPM-speak this is pam-0.58-3 and pam-devel-0.58-3.  They are available


(Please note, the trailing slash _IS_ important.)

Since there has not been an "official" rpm since Cristian did the 0.57-8
rpms, I have included the list of Linux-PAM-0.58 changes so far.  (My pgp
public key should be included in any earlier release of the library and I
have signed all the rpms.  If you are just installing the rpm(s), please
check them with: rpm -K pam* ).


	1. this is alpha software (it's been working fine for me but...)

	2. Unlike previous RPMS, this rpm will attempt to _preserve_ your
	   _current_ PAM configuration.  I have tried to test this in all
	   the ways I can think of -- but I'm obviously not going to take
	   responsibility if it deletes your hard drive.  If this new
	   feature worries you, please take a look at the spec file in the
	   src.rpm .

Have fun (as ever, bug reports to pam-list@redhat.com or me.)



PS. I am not subscribed to redhat-list so please Cc: anything sent there
to me... Thanks.

0.58: whenever

* added configuration directory $SCONFIGED for module specific
  configuration files.

* added two new "linked" man pages (pam.conf(8) and pam.d(8))

* included a reasonable default for /etc/pam.conf (which can be
  translated to /etc/pam.d/* files with the pam_conv1 binary)

* fixed the names of the new configuration files in

* fixed make check.

* pam_lastlog fixed to handle UID in virgin part of /var/log/lastlog
  (bug report from Ronald Wahl).

* grammar fix in pam_cracklib

* segfault avoided in pam_pwdb (getting user). Updating of passwords
  that are directed to a "new" database are more robust now (bug noted
  by Michael K. Johnson).  Added "unix" module argument for migrating
  passwords from another database to /etc/passwd. (documentation

* ctrl-D respected in conversation function (libpam_misc)

* Removed -DPAM_FAIL_DELAY_ON from top-level Makefile. Nothing in
  the distribution uses it.  I guess this change happened a while
  back, basically I'm trying to make the module parts of the
  distribution "source compatible" with the RFC definition of PAM.
  This implementation of PAM is a superset of that definition. I have
  added the following symbols to the Linux-PAM header files:

        PAM_DATA_SILENT (see _pam_types.h)
        HAVE_PAM_FAIL_DELAY (see _pam_types.h)
        PAM_DATA_REPLACE (see _pam_modules.h)

  Any module (or application) that wants to utilize these features,
  should check (#ifdef) for these tokens before using the associated
  functionality.  (Credit to Michael K. Johnson for pointing out my
  earlier omission: not documenting this change :*)

* first stab at making modules more independent of full library
  source.  Modules (partially) converted:

* pam_env.c: #include <errno.h> added to ease GNU libc use. (Michael
  K. Johnson)

* pam_unix_passwd fixes to shadow aging code (Eliot Frank)

* added README for pam_tally

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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