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Re: pammed qpopper?

On Fri, 2 May 1997, Chris Dent wrote:

> I'm still hoping for input on this comment:
> > One thing I noticed in the process is that it appears to be quite 
> > complex to send an already existing password into PAM. You have
> > to make quite the pam_conv to get it to go. On the other hand, 
> > having PAM prompt you is quite easy. Or perhaps I was missing something.
> > It seems to me that there are enough authentication events where
> > you already have the password that having such a thing in the misc
> > stuff might be a good thing.

I second that statement.

Is there a good reason that there is no generic 'authenticate using
existing password' code in the misc stuff. Paches I have seen for samba,
ipop3, qpopper all pretty well repeat the same code.

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