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Re: Pammed qpopper?


in truth a sample conf for newbies would be just marvelously plug&play ;>

> I'd probably go for something like:
> # /etc/pam.d/qpop
> #
> auth       required   pam_pwdb.so
> account    required   pam_pwdb.so
> #

no password ? no session ? :~(

> Which should probably work as required.  You may want to add another
> "auth required pam_listfile.so" entry, but you should look at the
> sys-admin guide for the specific options you are interested in using.
> (This can do something like adding restrictions to only users listed
> in a file...)

it seems that a lot of code that is on qpopper could simply be
removed if used with pam, i.e.:

- authfiles for allowing/denying access
- checking the user shell

> I hope this helps.
> Cheers
> Andrew
> -- 
>                Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
>                   http://parc.power.net/morgan/index.html

I'll do more testing on this stuff and release the pammified-qpopper-2.3
rpm ASAP

Thanx helping,
Sincerely yours,

.sig: Powered by Beer, Sex and Linux -- not necessarily in that order.

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