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Re: Qpopper 2.3 and PAM

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Brian Jones wrote:

> I wanted to add some useful information to the discussion
> on pamifying qpopper v2.3.  The patch and instructions 
> provided by Chris Dent at http://www.kiva.net/~cdent/pam/ work
> so long as you are using standard /etc/passwd.  However
> it would be preferable to use shadow passwords. 

I don't find this to be the case. I'm using my patch on a machine with
around 3,500 users, with shadow; it's working fine. Mind you, this is
under a Redhat 4.1 machine with pam 0.54 where pam_unix_auth.so uses
shadow if possible.

It sounds like you have some suggestions for improving the patch
and/or instructions. Could you let me know what those are so I can
clean things up?

> I'm going
> to take a wild guess that because qpopper doesn't keep
> root very long that it can't read /etc/shadow through PAM
> at the proper time.

qpopper does not change uids until after the authentication period.

> Since I'm not using pwdb... I can't
> blame gdbm.  Btw, the gdbm rpms from RedHat are screwy 
> in the first place if you're looking for db.h or ndbm.h.

Chris Dent........SysAdmin
...........Kiva Networking

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