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Re: Qpopper 2.3 and PAM

Chris Dent wrote:
> I don't find this to be the case. I'm using my patch on a machine with
> around 3,500 users, with shadow; it's working fine. Mind you, this is
> under a Redhat 4.1 machine with pam 0.54 where pam_unix_auth.so uses
> shadow if possible.
> It sounds like you have some suggestions for improving the patch
> and/or instructions. Could you let me know what those are so I can
> clean things up?

I see what has happened now:  Chris' patch was the one that Bruno was using
to make an RPM.  Bruno desired some more functionality so he added support
for gdbm... This is the code that I picked up on Friday...

1. I have cleaned up the PAM patch.

2. I have now removed all reference to gdbm.

3. I have a working PAM aware qpopper now.  :)

4. Chris, I would prefer it if you would absorb the (tidied up) pam patch --
after all it is mostly your work and I don't have time to maintain it.


5. Bruno, perhaps you would like to explore the gdbm problems using the
following srpm as a base?


I hope I understand what is going on now...


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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