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Re: unhelpful messages...

Kirk Bauer wrote:
> Personally, I would like to know the IP address for these errors:
>    May 24 00:48:12 ns PAM_pwdb[758]: bad username []
>    May 24 00:56:46 ns PAM_pwdb[789]: bad username []
>    May 24 11:39:23 ns PAM_pwdb[10008]: bad username []
>    May 24 20:18:21 ns PAM_pwdb[19669]: bad username []
>    May 24 20:19:40 ns PAM_pwdb[19705]: bad username []

If you know which application is causing this, try inserting pam_warn into
its stack.

> And I *still* can't figure out what is causing this:
>    May 25 04:58:13 quick PAM_pwdb[16368]: (su) session opened for user nobody by (u
>    May 25 05:01:42 quick PAM_pwdb[16422]: get passwd; pwdb: structure is no longer
>    May 25 05:01:44 quick PAM_pwdb[16368]: (su) session closed for user nobody

This is likely root's crontab or something.


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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