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Re: immortal login

Livio Bertacco wrote:
> Andrew G. Morgan[SMTP:morgan@parc.power.net] wrote:
> >> I've a problem with the PAM-ized version of (util-linux's) login.
> >You could try the non-pwdb version of login in SimplePAMApps.. This makes
> >use of the timeout feature of the conversation function in libpam_misc.
> Ok, I've downlaoded it and I'll try it next week.
> Anyway can you shortly explain what's the problem with my
> current "login" (RH4.1) and what's the difference with the
> SimplePAM "login", please.

The login in SimplePAMApps was written from scratch to be a PAM only
application.  The login shipped by Red Hat is based on the 'poe' login and
has been modified to use PAM.  The last time I checked it did not delete
credentials or handle pam_environment variables, but this may have been
fixed since that time.


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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