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pamified radiusd

Before I do it myself I thought I better check to see if it already
exists or if I'm an idiot for thinking this way...

Is there a pamified radiusd. I was hoping that C. Grafton's version
(http://sysadm.sorosis.ro/devel/radius/index.html) would be pamified
(since he is so involved in PAM) but it does not appear to be. Since
it is not I'm guessing there must be a disadvantage.

Here's what we would like to do: we run radiusd on several machines
that utilize the same shadow file (moved around by a complex ssh
arrangement) as the authentication database. We would like the
flexibility of stacking pam modules for authentication. The most
immediate use is to use pam_listfile to limit access.

Ideally we'd be able to do something like this:

Auth-Type = Pam
Pam-Type = pamservicename
Service-Type ...

In one half of my mind PAM seems ideal, in another half of my brain I
think it must not be ideal or someone would have done it already.

Any comments or info or a pointer?


Chris Dent........SysAdmin
...........Kiva Networking

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