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Re: pamified radiusd

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Chris Dent wrote:

> Is there a pamified radiusd. I was hoping that C. Grafton's version
> (http://sysadm.sorosis.ro/devel/radius/index.html) would be pamified
> (since he is so involved in PAM) but it does not appear to be. Since
> it is not I'm guessing there must be a disadvantage.

There is no disadvantage, but again I didn't have the time to build the
right test environment. I am - weel not now, I'm swamped with other things
-, but I am working on completing the pam_radius _client_ module, and I am
testing this on my achine. Until the client pam module is finished, I
can't go to the radius server, because you imagine what will happen when
a pamified program makes use of the radius client, which in turn gets to
the radius server which comes back to the pam and radius client ...
(actually, this is not a problem with PAm, but with the RADIUS support in
the pwdb).

In this regard, to pamify the radius server is not quite an easy task.
I'll have to take care of loops like this, and also I've been doing some
hacks to the radius server which are making the pamification very hard at
this moment - I'll have to reimplement them from scratch.

There is also a project for a free modular radius server started, but
again I have suspended working on that for some time. I'd rather do this
modular thing than going on patching the Livingston radiusd - the licence
prohibits redistribution of the full source to the radius server, only
patches and binaries are allowed. Also, the patched version of mine have
enough features to make at the moment the need for pamification less
desirable... :-)

> In one half of my mind PAM seems ideal, in another half of my brain I
> think it must not be ideal or someone would have done it already.

AFAIK, no. Most likely, I'll try to do it after I get some time free and
some time to recover lost sleep... For example this night, I am still
reading for the upcoming exam at 5am in the morning, run out of cofee, I
hope this miserable life will end sometime in the near future :-))

Hmmm, back on reading, exam is in less than four hours...

Best wishes,
		Cristian Gafton
Cristian Gafton                                    gafton@sorosis.ro
Computers & Communications Center              Network Administrator
http://www.sorosis.ro/~gafton                          Iasi, Romania
UNIX is user friendly. It's just selective about who its friends are.

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