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PAM on BSD (was Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible)

Joseph S. D. Yao stands accused of saying:
>> While I am loth to mention the Evil Name, there is active work 
>> being done on the FreeBSD NIS code by someone very familiar with 
>> NIS and in an environment where the code is able to be actively
>> tested.
>What evil name?  Linux benefited very nicely from all the FreeBSD code
>in it - and, I believe, vice versa. 

Oh, indeed.  I was just being cautious, as while Andrew is very 
BSD-friendly (the copyright on the PAM code, f.e.), I've been burnt
by association before.  I'm more than glad to hear I won't have to
hide here 8)

I promised earlier to make some more noise about PAM and portability
to non-Linux environments, and posted some (minor) patches to help
in that direction.  I haven't heard anything back about those yet,
but later today I'll be posting a larger set which should include
a port of the pam_unix modules.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone running a mixed environment
that might be interested in testing the BSD port for behavioural
similarity with the Linix version.

Anyway, enough jabber.  Back to the grindstone 8)

Mike Smith  *BSD hack  Unix hardware collector
The question "why are the fundamental laws of nature mathematical"
invites the trivial response "because we define as fundamental those
laws which are mathematical".  Paul Davies, _The_Mind_of_God_

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