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Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible=

>> While I am loth to mention the Evil Name, there is active work 
		loathe ???

>> being done on the FreeBSD NIS code by someone very familiar with 
>> NIS and in an environment where the code is able to be actively
>> tested.
> What evil name?  Linux benefited very nicely from all the FreeBSD code
> in it - and, I believe, vice versa.  PAM comes from Sun.  NIS is just a
> dirty word (being a tidied-up version of the much-deprecated Yellow
> Pages), not a full-fledged Evil Name.  So I am confused as to what you
> mean.
> Joe Yao				jsdy@cais.com - Joseph S. D. Yao

	Here! Here!  -- In fighting between FreeBSD (and OpenBSD and
	NetBSD) and Linux and GNU HURD is silly, pointless -- and serves
	the "Lord of Darkness" and the "Evil Empire" (Linus, *I* am
	your father!  MuHaHaHa!).

	O.K. so I'm getting silly here.  But this antagonism between the
	free software groups is taken way too seriously.

		(I think The image of B. Gates as Darth Vader is 
		 much more fun that picturing him as the Borg).

	However, I am loathe to ask this:

		Are Jordan and David G. and crowd working on 
		PAM and/or "single sign-on" (SSO?) or GSSAPI?

	(I'm behind -- I haven't even seen the latest FreeBSD
	2.2 yet).

Jim Dennis,                                info@mail.starshine.org
Proprietor,                          consulting@mail.starshine.org
Starshine Technical Services              http://www.starshine.org

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