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Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible=

Jim Dennis stands accused of saying:
>>> While I am loth to mention the Evil Name, there is active work 
>               loathe ???

No, "loth" is the adjective, "loathe" is the verb.  Don't they
teach you Americans English anymore? 8)

>       However, I am loathe to ask this:
>               Are Jordan and David G. and crowd working on 
>               PAM and/or "single sign-on" (SSO?) or GSSAPI?

Er yes, that's me.  First PAM, then integration with the login classes
stuff being done by David Nugent, then GSSAPI.

The login class stuff is very nice, and will probably end up
as a PAM module itself.

At some point, a unified representation will probably need to be
made to the XFree86 people when the "right" model for xdm is 
decided upon; I think that now is likely to be a bit premature,
but that's hard to tell. (And may already have happened 8)

Mike Smith  *BSD hack  Unix hardware collector
The question "why are the fundamental laws of nature mathematical"
invites the trivial response "because we define as fundamental those
laws which are mathematical".  Paul Davies, _The_Mind_of_God_

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