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Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible=

> Jim Dennis stands accused of saying:
>>>> While I am loth to mention the Evil Name, there is active work 
>>               loathe ???
> No, "loth" is the adjective, "loathe" is the verb.  Don't they
> teach you Americans English anymore? 8)

	Apparently loath and loth are accepted spellings for 
	the adjective -- while loathe (with the 'e') is the verb.

>>       However, I am loathe to ask this:

	I stand corrected.

>>               Are Jordan and David G. and crowd working on 
>>               PAM and/or "single sign-on" (SSO?) or GSSAPI?
> Er yes, that's me.  First PAM, then integration with the login classes
> stuff being done by David Nugent, then GSSAPI.
> The login class stuff is very nice, and will probably end up
> as a PAM module itself.
> At some point, a unified representation will probably need to be
> made to the XFree86 people when the "right" model for xdm is 
> decided upon; I think that now is likely to be a bit premature,
> but that's hard to tell. (And may already have happened 8)

	It'll be nice to have a copy of xdm that supports
	shadow.  This is a probably I keep bumping into with
	Red Hat -- I keep having to go out and compile my own.

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