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Re: PAM on BSD (was Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible)

michael smith wrote:
> I promised earlier to make some more noise about PAM and portability
> to non-Linux environments, and posted some (minor) patches to help
> in that direction.  I haven't heard anything back about those yet,
> but later today I'll be posting a larger set which should include
> a port of the pam_unix modules.

I have absorbed the changes you posted.  My tree is in a state of flux (aka.
broken) and I've been busily working on a completely unrelated thing for the
last couple of weeks, so I've not released it... I will try to find some
time this weekend to settle everyting down and make another release...

Please post any new diffs when you have them (I always apply things like
this by hand, so with or without your previous changes will be fine).

There will be support for DEC-C2 passwords in the pwdb module this time
(courtesy of Andy Phillips) but if anyone else wants to add some code please
try to post it today...


               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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