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Re: changing password via NIS/YP with pam-pwdb possible=

michael smith wrote:
> Er yes, that's me.  First PAM, then integration with the login classes
> stuff being done by David Nugent, then GSSAPI.

I had some ideas on making a "pluggable" implementation of the gssapi, but I
got discouraged by the "bewildering" changes that continue to be reported on
the cat-itef list so I stopped work on it at _very_ early stage... (If you
follow my sig. file you'll get an idea of how far I didn't get).

> At some point, a unified representation will probably need to be
> made to the XFree86 people when the "right" model for xdm is 
> decided upon; I think that now is likely to be a bit premature,
> but that's hard to tell. (And may already have happened 8)

As of two or three weeks ago, I have some basically complete (but presently
untidy) code for a generic X based PAM conversation function.. It is mostly
the work of Ben Buxton (Xaw-Xpm fame) and Danny Sung (UCLA undergraduate)
with some medelling on my part.

Earlier versions of the code can be found in my pre-release directory.

[My last two weeks have been spent learning about X by building an X-based
application -- my longer term goal being to be able to rewrite xdm, but I
shouldn't even pretend to be anywhere close to that point yet.]

If anyone has the knowledge/etc. they might like to rewrite xdm around this
new (pretty funky) conversation code.  I'll try to make it available if
anyone wants to try -- email me directly if you want me to send it to you.



PS. Re: *BSD, please view the "Linux" in Linux-PAM as being synonomus with
"Free".  As the license explains, the code in this distribution is to be
used where and whenever.  Our attempts to keep things as POSIX as possible,
will likely mean we'll see it ported to something of Uncle Bill's at some
point in the future -- but by then, I guess we'll all be doing something
more exciting ;^)
               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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