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pwdb breakage

Well, pwdb/pam_pwdb appear to be very broken.  I'm dealing with
pwdb 0.54 preC and pam 0.57 as we shipped with Red Hat Linux 4.2 --
if any of these bugs have been fixed since, please kindly tell
me...  :-)  Thanks!

First, try this:  for some user, put a password field of
 x in /etc/passwd
 * in /etc/shadow
This means that (x) shadow should hold the password, and (*) that
the password is locked.  Now use passwd <user> to set that user's
password.  The password will be put in /etc/passwd instead of
/etc/shadow.  (If you use the "shadow" argument to /etc/passwd,
it does put the entry in /etc/shadow, but it does so unconditionally,
which is also not standard shadow password behavior.)

In general, it appears that if /etc/shadow contains a * password,
the password is modified in /etc/passwd instead.

If /etc/passwd contains a * (not x) password, that means that the
account should be locked, and /etc/shadow should not be consulted
for that user.  Instead, it is ignored, and /etc/shadow is consulted.

Andrew, I know that there was one problem that you found that I couldn't
reproduce; was it related to any of these?

There are also endianness dependencies in pwdb that Erik is looking into.


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